Thank you for your contiued support to those in need!


New projects are being launched as part of DVI’s mission to support those in Arroyo Seco and surrounding areas


We are currently winding down our Covid related programs as the economy continues to return to normal. We have been able to bless numerous households along with your support for providing food to those most in need.

We are adding new projects to DVI’s involvement in the communities we work with, including land and well projects. Keep informed with up to date news and projects!


About the Covid relief project:

Food distribution via our co-workers

During this world crisis we have all been afforded the opportunity to ‘help our neighbor’ (people in need). Our neighbors happen to be the people on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Our main focus is that our school children, their families and the community of Arroyo Seco have what they need to make it through this time of special need.




Pastor Chalas also distributes funds that Dominican Vision supplies to 7 Leaders.  The other leaders who are also distributing food in their areas: Pastora Ramona and Rafael, Pastor Alejandro and Jacy, Luilly and Yanny.


We were close to helping 1500 people but with the economy starting to recover, we are decreasing the amount of money sent for this project.  Because we purchase food in bulk, it costs less then $1.00/person/day!

Dominican Vision Co-Workers Helping Meet the Needs in the Community


The following are the 5 leaders that help us distribute food in the respective communities.

Pastor Chalas with Walter

Karen C. missionary for over 25 years in Dominican Republic, distributes food weekly to AIDS and cancer patients in villages. Live chickens were donated by a Dominican businessman.

Pastor Antonio (Nego) and Elsa distributing food in La Piedra.

Pastor Chalas, Pastora Morena & Walter

Pastora Morena packing food in church to be distributed in Los Charamicos and at detox centre in Puerto Plata.

This Christian centre would have had to close without our help.

Winston, Katy, Carol, & Walter

Winston and Katy minister to over 40 communities that are beyond the accessibility by car. They travel on foot to deliver necessary supplies and food items.

“This ladies is a christian person, she has 3 childs with her, nothing to eat that day, no husband”

– writes Winston

Winston and Katy met this family that has 8 members. The husband and wife accepted Jesus Christ after we gave them 2 Mp3 messengers. They live in a community called Arroyo Ancho. When we arrived there, they told us that they had nothing to eat for that day, the husband and the other children were looking for something to eat in the nearby forests.

Help Feed the Hungry

We appreciate all suport to help us to continue our ministry.

Whether supplying food packs, sponsoring children and university students, operating our school, or supporting other needs, there are many ways to partner with Dominican Vision.