We have the opportunity to impact both individuals and families in the Sosúa area by providing support for students to attend university. After our students complete their education they are able to begin a career that can empower their entire family.

All families of our students are unable to help financially as they have sporadic income or are very poor. University Fellowships through DVI cost $100 per student, per month. Fellowships can be shared between several sponsorship families, churches, businesses, or other groups.

There are currently 4 graduates: a doctor and 3 teachers. Yosenny, Estefani, Deiana, are all employed. Prudencia just graduated as a teacher and is looking for a job.

Currently Sponsored!

Abiel Josias Martinez Santos is in the faculty of engineering in Santiago, where he lives with a relative.

Enmanuel Chalas wants to be a sports teacher, is in Puerto Plata university.  Enmanuel is married and teaching sport at our school.

Alfred Chalas is in the Phys Ed faculty of Puerto Plata university and teaches music at our school. He has a family.

Ana Gabriela Rodriguez is in first year university in Puerto Plata. She lives with her single unemployed mom and 4 sisters. Ana is a teachers aid at our school part time. She is and will be the breadwinner for the family.

Fellowship Opportunities

Meet our current students who are in need of a sponsor

Perla Martinez lives with her fiancée and their baby daughter. She is in the university of Puerto Plata studying languages.

Braundy Anibal Perez, the nephew of pastora Ramona. He is in Puerto Plata university.

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For $100/month you can empower an individual, and impact an entire family.

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