Colegio Cristiana Divina Misión y Iglesia was built 2006-2007 by a few Canadian groups with DVI funding. The church (iglesia) is on the main floor with the Colegio (school) on the second floor. The building to the left is a kitchen for the school and church. As a result, the children in the community have a chance for a good education.

We provide pre-school to grade 6 education with a teacher for each grade, principal, cook, and maintenance staff. Although the school is registered with the government, it receives no funding from me. All funds must be provided for the school to stay in operation. The school currently has 100 students.

Education is the key to breaking the relentless cycle of poverty.  Your child sponsorship allows DVI to run and maintain the school (general operation costs), provide a daily meal, clean drinking water and a daily multi-vitamin. Medical care, school supplies and dental care are provided for the children and their families through Mission trip groups, Build groups and fundraisers.


School in the DR was AMAZING! I also got the chance to be part of gr2 and to teach gr5. God showed me I have a lot to offer thru him. I connected with the teachers and the students hugged me a lot. That made me feel so loved, because thru God we can Connect with anyone. God showed me thru the kids and teachers, to trust his process, and just be me.  This trip was a calling from God in my heart — Miranda Dueck

The christian school and church are situated 8 km south from the north coast. Arroyo Seco in the Dominican Republic is a poor rural community with a high illiteracy rate among the elderly.

Colegio Cristiana Divina Misión y Iglesia is the only one in the area and is registered with the government. Children can go on to secondary and post-secondary government schools in near towns.

 Most children entering the school need financial Support.

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Sponsor a Student

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