Colegio Cristiana Divina Misión y Iglesia is registered with the government, but it receives no funding from them. All funds must be provided for the school to stay in operation. There are many children entering the school that are in need of financial support.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities


DVI Kids

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For only $40/month you can make an impact in a childs life

Get in contact with us if you would like to receive more child sponsorship information and support Colegio Cristiana Divina Misiòn y Iglesia.


“During this trip I was so moved by the work being done by Dominican Vision Inc. and I saw such a need to help the children of Arroyo Seco.  Many are growing up with only one parent or are being raised by their grandparents in extreme poverty.  So when I made it known to Carol Warkentin, she introduced me to Darielis and asked if I would be interested in sponsoring the little pumpkin.  It was love at first sight.”

— Lorna

The father of these two children helped the build group with constructing 2 houses this past January. He did not ask for any reimbursement but volunteered his time even though he had great personal needs. Renate and John fell in love with the family and decided to sponsor the Dominican man’s children who are now attending Colegio Cristiana Divina Misión.

— Renate, John, and John Jr.