Read stories and testimonies from our time in Aroyo Seco and the surrounding communities.

January 31-February 10 – Missions Trip

Upcoming 2023 Missions Trip January 31-February 10 (you can opt for one week – January 31 to February 7). Ideal for singles, couples, families with kids over age 6. Light work such as packing and distributing food baskets to the poor in the area, painting a house, activity with the school kids, a medical clinic, […]

January 8-18 & January 10-20 – Build Trip

Upcoming 2023 Build trip January 8-18, 2023 – Winnipeg group January 10-20, 2023 – Vancouver Island group We will be building the second floors of 2 up and down duplexes, and possibly putting a type of stucco on recording studio (built in 2022) Parents are welcome to bring teens. Donation for the project: $2000.00. For […]

November 4-6 – Pastor/Leader and spouses conference

Pastor/Leader and spouses conference in Sosua and Puerto Plata November 4-6, 2022 With Ernesto and Marina Pinto as speakers Contact us for more information

From Part-Time to Full-Time Christian

Pedro considered himself a good man. He worked hard, loved his wife and kids, and tried to respect everyone. It was a sad day when his wife decided to take…

Surprise Packages

Luilly and Yanny Ovalle were delighted to be chosen to distribute food to the most needy in their neighbourhood. Eager to see the people’s reactions, they knocked…

Addicts Set Free

Garcia’s parents had had just enough of him. With Garcia around, things went missing, they slept with their valuables as they couldn’t trust their son to not steal from them. Something had to change…

From Canada to Vallecito, D.R.

In the far-away village of Vallecito, an hour’s walk past the end of the road, a mother of 13 is at her wits end…

Mentally Challenged Girl Saved from Begging on the Streets

A woman and her mentally challenged girl were in dire straits. The usual skimpy meals had dwindled down to practically nothing since the pandemic. No one had extras to give them. The only recourse…

New Projects

New Projects Launched: Garden, New Well, and Prayer Mountain