Addicts Set Free

Addicts Set Free

Garcia’s parents had had just enough of him.  With Garcia around, things went missing, they slept with their valuables as they couldn’t trust their son to not steal from them.  Something had to change.  The only answer was the Christian Addictions Center in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.    Without hope of change, they dropped him off for good.

But Pastora Morena (in picture along with food supplies for distribution in the DR) and a few people from her church have been bringing hope by meeting practical needs.  She brings them toast and jam, made from the apple chips that Carol and Walter Warkentin bring her. When the pandemic hit the Dominican, the addiction center wasn’t able to provide food for them.  There was no help from the Government, other churches or rich Dominicans.  Morena started to pray.  She prayed hard and long, not for herself or for her family.  Her heart was breaking for these forgotten people.  She prayed all day for a way to get them food.  

Then she got the call from Pastor Chalas saying that Dominican Vision had chosen her, and had sent money for her to buy food for the poor.  She was very surprised that DVI kept helping even when they couldn’t come.  But she was also overjoyed and filled with gratitude to God and the Canadians, The first thing she did upon receiving the money was get down on her knees and pray for the Canadians who had sent it.  

Garcia was also deeply touched by the kindness of foreigners, to him and the other addicts, isolated at the center, rejected by their own parents.  He felt important because Canadians had helped him.  He decided to straighten out his life.  Morena saw this change in him and invited him to join a special advanced group she brought to her church once a month.  They sing, pray, share and eat together with her church, and then she brings them back in her older minivan. This is a special treat for Garcia and the advanced group.  The change in Garcia grew, he got off drugs, and now he also wants to help the less fortunate.  

Esther and her family have been joining mission teams with DVI since 2009. She has always enjoyed writing and explored this as she home-schooled her children and more recently by joining a writer's club at her church. Her knowledge of the culture and geography, along with her imagination, gives her the tools to expound and flesh out the amazing testimonies that come from experiences in the Dominican Republic.