There are many opportunities to serve. You can join an existing group, create your own, or even simply support one of our current projects through prayer or financially.

Other projects and other groups led by DVI:


In 2020 we started a garden project behind the pastor’s house. Dominicans collaborated to till the land and plant vegetables. They had to depend on God to send the rain, and were able to yield some to eat and some to sell for the ministry. The village well does not have enough water for this project.



We are looking forward to a construction team from Vancouver Island to help with the new well, including building a well house to protect it. The well is necessary in order to have a successful garden.



Every 2nd year Masterworks (Youth for Christ) has been coming with dancers, artists and leaders to do a teen discipling trip with the Dominican north coast churches DVI is involved with . These Canadian teens have an unusual ability to connect with Dominican teens in the area of dance and art.

A local Vacation Bible School for children with arts and crafts is always on the program too. An outdoor show with pig roast closes off the week.



Our first ever dental clinic was run by the McIvor Ave. church’s Mission trip in 2017. In January 2020, The Rotary Club of Ontario with their dental team, continued the dental work in Arroyo Seco.



Supporting pastors families that work with DVI, and a grandmother with her 4 orphaned grand kids, who have no means of support.



Dominicans worked in their community to extend the water supply pipes so that residents have a steady supply of well water.  This project is financed by DVI.



This is a project of Dominican Eyes Plus (Karen C) and DVI contributes funds towards it. It is a weekly food distribution in local villages to mainly AIDS and cancer patients. Members of our groups join Karen when we are in DR to help her with this food run.