An ideal time for volunteers to build houses for the most needy in the Dominican is January as the Canadian construction industry is slow. Because most of the older houses in the Dominican Republic are built of wood, there is a lot of rot and termite damage. DVI wishes for all parents to raise their kids in a healthy house and live with dignity.

In a country with long rainy seasons and hot humid weather, older houses are unsafe and unhealthy to live in with leaky roofs, large openings in shiplap and flimsy doors and mould. Rats have easy access to food and are able to bite children causing diseases; mosquitoes have access to the whole house and can carry dengue fever, chikungunga and zika virus.

Build group on site with local kids
Build group building walls

We build homes of cement block with sturdy doors and windows. New home owners continually tell us:


”The house is so nice. We can finally sleep through the night feeling safe and secure!”

Building homes for the less fortunate is just another way of giving from the plenty that most of us have. It fosters community and is a great way to see how people in other cultures live.

DVI is a Christian based ministry and this is a great way for church groups to reach out to the world with God’s love. However you do not have to belong to a Christian organization or church to join these build groups. We encourage couples to come and work too, or do a vacation/work combo. It will change your life as you help others.

You can get involved by either forming a build group at your work place or church, or join a group that we already have going to the Dominican Republic. We always ask local Dominicans to join so that they are a part of the construction of their new home and communities.

Join a Build Group  

“I have been coming since 2012 with my wife, trades and/or friends. It has been the greatest blessing that 3 of our 6 children have come along and worked beside me/us on the builds.”

— Wilbert (leader of Winnipeg group)

“A highlight was to be with the team and to see how God moves.”

— Deen

“The group was amazing. No one had an ego. I enjoyed times of community and prayer. It was a blessing to have my wife here.”

— Steve (Leader of Vancouver Island Group)

“Dominicans are fantastic , they have luxury of time. Leading worship (in Arroyo Seco church) was awesome!”

— Jake

Interested in joining a Build Group?

Get in contact with us if you would like to receive more details on how you can get involved with DVI!