Recent updates:

November 7-14, 2023

Completed the 2023 pastor and Leader Conference. Our recent conference was just held in Sosua, with Ernesto and Marina Pinto as speakers.

We invited leaders and spouses for a one day conference and then 3 days of counselling opportunities.

It was a great balance of teaching and receiving help for personal issues.


January 9-19, 2024 Build trip

We will be building a house, repairing the school ceiling, and start fruit tree plantation.


January 29-Febrauary 8, 2024 Missions trip

Continue fruit tree planting, medical clinics, possible school activity, painting.


First week of July 2024

We are in the trip planning stage with Genesis School of Dance for a teen girls leadership week.



We are adding new projects to DVI’s involvement in the main community we work with including gardens and well project. 

Well house and community well

We needed more water as the supply for the school and community was inadequate. The 2022 Build group built a well house and we had another well dug close to the school.


Recording studio

The Canadian group worked with the Dominicans to put up the second floor and the roof.

The recording studio was opened in June 2022 but is only partly finished inside. The Dominicans are already using one room on first floor to record 3 programs – one for young people, one for ladies, and one program for everyone (Paz en la tormenta).

Upcoming Trips:

Find us on FaceBook to keep up to date with upcoming missions opportunities. If you would like to join us in one of our programs or become part of the Dominican Vision please contact us!


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January 31-February 10 – Missions Trip

January 8-18 & January 10-20 – Build Trip

November 4-6 – Pastor/Leader and spouses conference