Helping the community

Yearly trips at the end of January


Missions trips (formerly known as Vacation With a Purpose) are an opportunity for individuals or families to experience ministry in a fun, safe environment. It is a 7-10 day trip usually at the end of January/beginning of February to serve the communities that DVI regularly supports.

We run medical clinics along with healing prayer and kids ministry. We provide beneficial programs for men and women, assistance in the Arroyo Seco school and community, food distribution, and practical work such as minor renovations. Every person’s gifts and talents are used to facilitate expressions of compassion and God’s love.

Typically, our groups, together with Dominican leaders, organize medical clinics, paint a newly built house, work at the school, distribute food packs, participate in a pig roast with the school and community, and in Spanish church services. Another option for groups is to organize women’s and men’s community events.

In addition to working alongside the local church, we want to provide an opportunity for Canadians to experience the culture and be exposed to the needs of the community.  The time is spent working alongside Dominican churches as they try to meet the needs in their neighborhoods in the Sosúa / Puerto Plata area.

lisa testimonial

“My time with the VWAP team in the DR was unforgettable in so many ways. I came not knowing how someone like me could best serve the community and built up fear and doubt in my heart. God quickly erased those feelings when we hit the ground. His presence was with us and I knew He was confident in how I could personally serve, whether it was leading an art class at school (Arroyo Seco), painting with the kids, or simply playing/cuddling them at other times. My role seemed small, but I knew the Lord was pleased with the work we were all doing.”

— Lisa
Sarah's DVI Testimonial

“Joining the VWAP team last year was an amazing experience. We spent time playing with children at the medical clinics as the parents waited for a doctor and teaching children in the school in Arroyo Seco (art and writing projects). Even though I have not served with children in the past, the impact these Dominican and Haitian kids left on my heart was incredible. It was an honor and a blessing to participate in this trip.”

— Sarah
Rodney's DVI Testinony

“God called. I responded. So many highlights including food drives and the kids excitement over food. Their gratefulness. Another highlight: being loved on by Dominicans.”

— Rodney
Lorna on her VWAP

“It was an amazing trip. Women’s ministry gave me more than I gave them. I met 2 women in the church alone and talked with them, we shared our stories, they encouraged me and prayed for me.”

— Lorna

Interested in taking a vacation with a purpose?

Get in contact with us if you would like to recieve more details on how you can get involved with DVI's ministries.