From Part-Time to Full-Time Christian

From Part-Time to Full-Time Christian

Pedro - From Part-Time to Full-Time Christian

Pedro considered himself a good man.  He worked hard, loved his wife and kids, and tried to respect everyone.  It was a sad day when his wife decided to take 2 of their children to Spain for a better life.  She left Pedro with 1 son to feed.

Another sad day came when he heard that his wife had passed away.  But Pedro overcame his grief and redoubled his efforts to gain favour with everyone he worked for.  He got a job driving a Safari truck for tourists.  When a Christian group rented it, he acted like he, too was a Christian, but when other groups rented it, he became like them.  Pedro, the chameleon, was always striving to be accepted and please everyone.  

That was, until Dominican Vision rented his Safari truck to transport the build teams from Sosua to Aroyo Seco.  For 8 days, Pedro pleased his passengers by pretending to be a Christian.  Of course, he didn’t think he was deceiving anyone, as he did his best to talk and act like one.  After all, he generally led a good life.  That’s what it meant to be a Christian, right?

But Cavy, one of the crew leaders from Winnipeg, wasn’t satisfied with the act.  One breakfast he asked Pedro outright if he was a Christian.  Pedro explained how it worked for him…sometimes he was, sometimes not… but he was a good person.  Isn’t that all that mattered in the end?  “It doesn’t work that way.” Cavy tried to explain the gospel.  But the efforts of those around the table, to explain Salvation in Spanish weren’t enough.  

At the job site, Cavy found Pastor Chala and, between the two of them, explained the full gospel and what it meant to give one’s life to God and live for him.  

Cavy asked him, “What would you say if, when you died and were standing at the pearly gates, and God asked, ‘Why should I let you into my heaven?’”  Pedro had a sure answere:  “I’ve lived a good life.  I’m a good man.  I go to church sometimes and help with certain group events.”  “No Pedro!, You will never get into heaven based off those things.” Cavy had Chala read from the book of Ephesians.

 “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

 Pedro began to tear up as he started to understand what they were talking about, and the freedom that Christ could offer – no more heavy burdens of having to do certain things. 

Pastor Chala, sensing the Spirit on him, looked at Cavy and said, ‘I think it’s time to ask him to accept Jesus.  Pedro, Chala and Cavy prayed together.  That day, in the field beside the newly dug well, Pedro gave his life to Jesus.  Now he knows that he is wholly accepted by God, and can freely be the man God made him to be.

Esther and her family have been joining mission teams with DVI since 2009. She has always enjoyed writing and explored this as she home-schooled her children and more recently by joining a writer's club at her church. Her knowledge of the culture and geography, along with her imagination, gives her the tools to expound and flesh out the amazing testimonies that come from experiences in the Dominican Republic.