New Projects

New Projects

New Projects Launched:


In 2020 we got possession of 1 acre of land behind the pastors house to develop for the ministry. Dominicans collaborated to till the land and plant vegetables. They had to depend on God to send the rain, and were able to yield some to eat and some to sell for the ministry. The village well does not have enough water for this project.

New Well

We are looking forward to a construction team from Vancouver Island to help with the new well, including building a well house to protect it. The well is necessary in order to have a successful garden. The well house will have solar panels on the roof and inverter batteries inside that will power the well. There will be pipes laid that transport the water to our fields, and to future buildings we will build on that land.

“Prayer mountain”

Our ministry is working on acquiring this hill (the Dominicans spend much time praying on this “mountain” ) and the surrounding land and praying for strategy and Dominican partners to develop the land.

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